I was always scared to roast the whole chicken, before I tried these simple tricks on how to check chicken for doneness. Now every time I make my lemon and garlic chicken roast I get perfect results. Get this recipe now. | #lemongarlicchicken #chickenroast #roastedchicken #perfectwholechickenroast | simplyanchy.com

Lemon and Garlic Chicken Roast | Perfectly Cooked

Cooking the whole chicken is what scares most of the people because they’re not sure how to check if the meat is done and cooked through. And that is exactly what I will show you in this post. Today I am sharing the recipe for the most famous lemon and garlic chicken roast. It is one of those recipes that call for just a few ingredients, but the result is so amazingly simple but very delicious chicken roast. Continue Reading

This recipe for Pasta Carbonara is done in just 15 minutes, and is made out of the staple ingerdients that we all keep in our fridge and pantry on the regular basis. Try this recipe! You will love it! | Healthy Food Recipes | simplyanchy.com

Pasta Carbonara | Quick Recipe for Busy Days

Two words – Pasta Carbonara! I just can’t imagine someone who doesn’t like some kind of pasta┬ácarbonara. Even though the original Italian carbonara calls for pork bacon, there are different variations of the dish that may include different kinds of veggies (like peas, zucchini and broccoli), mushrooms, and even chicken instead of bacon. No matter which kind you prefer, there is always that great simple egg and cheese sauce that makes carbonara so tasty. Continue Reading