Homemade Pear Juice | Quick & Easy

Pear Juice is healthy and refreshing drink, and it is really easy to make it yourself. | Healthy Food Recipes | simplyanchy.com

Have you ever tried pear juice? And did you like it? I know that this is one of my FAVORITE refreshing drinks.

Pear juice is one of my favorites, but the problem is that it is almost impossible to find in the supermarkets, unless it is mixed with some other fruits, as a small component. So the chances are, if you are going to drink the pear juice then you are going to make it by yourself. Which, by the way, it is not that difficult as it may sound. Continue Reading

Necratine & Kale Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie is an excellent way to intake leafy greens. They are packed with fiber and nutrients, and that makes green smoothie the best way to get you daily serving of greens. | Healthy Food Recipes | simplyanchy.com

Raise hand if your mom or grandmother made you eat kale when you were younger, and if you are anything like me, then you probably hate that horrible taste of kale that has been cooking for hours. I mean, why would anyone ever like that taste? No really, is it just me, or is there anyone else out there sharing this opinion? It wasn’t before I started eating the kale fresh when I started to see its good benefits to our bodies and health. I love it in salads, I love it (hidden) in meatballs, I love it baked in all kinds of casseroles, and I especially love it in green smoothie. Continue Reading