Here are some of my favorite quick meal recipes that will save you on busy nights, or when you have last minute schedule changes! Check them out! | 11 Quick Meal Recipes for Busy Nights | Done in 30 minutes | #30minutemeals #15minutemeals #quickmeals #easymeals #quickrecipe #quickrecipes #quickhealthyrecipes |

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Do you ever get the feeling that you don’t have time for cooking? Yea?! Well you are at the right place, because in this post I’ve decided to share with you some of the quickest and still healthy meals, that you can make in 30 minutes or less. And that is way more quicker than it would take you to go out for dinner or order a takeout. These quick meals will totally change the way you think about cooking.


1. Creamy Honey Mustard Chicken with crispy bacon

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This recipe is really simple to put together. You can use chicken breasts or chicken thighs, and it works perfectly both ways. And the best part – it is done in 25 minutes, including prep and cooking time. Grab the recipe here -> Cafe Delites


2. Crazy Good Beef and Broccoli

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”Beef and broccoli is a delicious meal to enjoy for lunch or dinner, and leftovers reheat well in the microwave. I usually serve it with cooked white rice. There’s a decent amount of sauce that comes with this recipe, so you’ll want some rice to help sop up the sauce. Yum.’‘ says Julia from Savory Tooth. This recipe is done in 30 minutes, and is really easy to make.

3. Pasta Carbonara

Pasta Carbonara is one of the quick meals that I make almost on the regular basis. It is made out of the staple ingredients that most of us always have on hand, and it is done is 15 minutes. That makes it perfect for those nights when you are very busy or you have last minuet schedule changes. You can grab the recipe here.

4. Creamy 3-Ingredient Zucchini Soup

This 3-ingredients Zucchini Soup is what you need for those busy summer nights. Quick and easy to make, and most importantly it is very satisfying. Your family will LOVE it! | Healthy Food Recipes |

This is my favorite soup, that I make often during the summer time. But if you have frozen shredded zucchinis in the freezer, you can make it all year round. It is really satisfying soup that will keep you full for a long time. And it is done in 15 minutes! Isn’t that amazing? Here is the recipe for this amazing quick meal.

5. One Pan Balsamic Chicken and Veggies

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This recipe is really great because it is all made on one pan (baking sheet) so you won’t have too much clean-up afterwards. Also, you can use any kind of veggies that you have on hand. Just grab whatever you’ve got and toss it onto the baking sheet. Just cut the chicken and coat everything with balsamic glaze, and then roast. It would be much better to do this the night before, but you can also roast it straight away. This quick meal is done in 30 minutes (you would want to alter the cooking time depending on the type of veggies that you use). Grab this recipe from Chelsea at Chelsea’s Messy Apron.

6. Sheet Pan Chicken “Stir Fry”

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You can forget the wok and tossing everything. To make this quick meal all you need is a baking sheet and 30 minutes, and you can serve it to your family. Great recipe for busy nights and when you don’t want to spend much time it the kitchen. Get the recipe from Katerina at Diethood.

7. BLT Naan Pizza Recipe with Bacon, Arugula and Tomato

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“This pizza takes all of the elements of a classic BLT sandwich and piles them on top of whole wheat store-bought naan bread. Within minutes, you can go from, “What the heck are we going to have for dinner?” to a meal that is both satisfying and healthy.” says Dara from Cooking Canuck. This meal id done in 20 minutes and you are using staple ingredients. Go here to get the recipe!

8. Parmesan Garlic Spaghetti

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To make this quick meal all you need is 5 ingredients and just 20 minutes of your time. So easy to make! Recipe from Chungah at Damn Delicious.

9. 20-minute Tortellini Soup

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Here is another soup recipe that is a great quick meal. It is so easy to put together, especially if you’ve done a little bit of prepping a day before. And it’s done in 20 minutes“I made this soup a few times over the break, all with the intention of photographing it, but it was just too darn good… It’s the kind of meal you go back for for seconds, or even thirds. And because it’s made with a light broth rather than a fattening cream sauce, it might just be my favourite way to eat tortellini. It’s healthy! It’s delicious! It’s cozy!” says Chelsea. Grab this recipe at Port and Fin food blog.

10. Sheet Pan Steak and Veggies

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This is another recipe from Chungah at Damn Delicious. This quick meal is done in 30 minutes, and the meat is so soft and tender, and it’s melting in your mouth. You just must try it!

11. Sheet Pan Chili Lime Salmon

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This is really quick meal from Karina at Cafe Delites. It is really easy to make, and it’s done in about 10-15 minutes. She says “Not only was this fast and easy to make, the flavours in this salmon are incredible. With a base of lime juice, a hint of cumin and garlic, and the subtleness of red chili flakes…” I really believe that this is the recipe that everyone should have on their repertoire.

Here are some of my favorite quick meal recipes that will save you on busy nights, or when you have last minute schedule changes! Check them out! | 11 Quick Meal Recipes for Busy Nights | Done in 30 minutes | #30minutemeals #15minutemeals #quickmeals #easymeals #quickrecipe #quickrecipes #quickhealthyrecipes |

I really believe that these 11 recipes will help you start eating healthy, even on the busiest nights. Make sure to save this post on Pinterest, so you know where to find it the next time you need an idea for quick and easy meal.

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Do you have any quick meal ideas that you would love to share? Leave them in the comments below.


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