30-Minute Dinner Rolls | No-Yeast

This is the recipe for No-Fail homemade dinner rolls, that are done in just under 30 minutes. They are so soft and fluffy, that you will be making them almost every day. | Healthy Food Recipes | simplyanchy.com

This recipe for dinner rolls is so quick and easy, that you will never go for a store-bought ones again. And the best thing about them – they are done in 30 minutes. They are so soft and fluffy, and taste amazing. Sometimes, when I have time, I make them for breakfast and they are great while still warm and you spread them with butter. Y-U-M! Read more

Spelt flour NO-KNEAD Bread

Spelt Flour No-knead Bread | Healthy Food Recipes | simplyanchy.com

Can you imagine one of these situations?

One – You sat down for breakfast with you lovely family on a Saturday morning, and all you can smell is the freshly baked loaf of bread. All of you just can’t wait to tear it apart and eat it with butter and a cup of herbal tea, while the crust is still crunchy and warm.

Two – You are coming back home from work, feeling hungry, and all you can think about the bread that you have baked, by yourself, the night before, and the perfect thing is that you can make the most beautiful sandwiches, so you won’t spend much time preparing the dinner for yourself.

If you have been or would like to be in any of these, or similar situations, this is the right recipe for you. Read more